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Bigfoot Protected Species? New York State Denies Putting Sasquatches On Protected Animals List

Bigfoot Cannot Be Gunned Down By Hunters, State Says

A Bigfoot enthusiast in Chautauqua Lake, N.Y., wants sasquatches to be safe from Empire State hunters.

Peter Wiemer of the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo declared in a press release that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation put Bigfoot on the Protected Species list.

Wiemer's rationale? Because there is no designated hunting season for sasquatches, they are therefore a protected species.

"By not being listed in the hunting syllabus of NYS," Wiemer wrote in the release, "any non-listed species then becomes a Protected Species per my phone conversation with [DEC spokesperson] Mark Kandel."

In an email to The Huffington Post, Kandel denied that his department took any such action.

"New York State has taken no action with regard to listing or protecting Bigfoot," he said.

But sasquatches aren't without some legal protections, according to a previous email from Kandel to Wiemer which stated that, "there is no open season on Bigfoot and they may not be taken."

Though the state does not acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot, Kandel asserted, "we are confident that the current laws and regulations afford adequate protect for Bigfoot if one were to be found in New York."

Kandel went on to explain that Bigfoot believers are welcome to pursue sasquatches for "the purpose of documenting their existence," provided none are harmed.

This will likely come as welcome news to sasquatches, who are currently allowed to be gunned down without consequence in Texas.

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