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Bigfoot Threw A Rock At Me, Dallas Camper Says (VIDEO)

A huge rock turned one Dallas hiker into a Bigfoot believer.

The man, who did not give his name to KLTV, said he was in Texas' Piney Woods when some creature that was "not human as I know it" threw a large stone at him.

"An object landed within ten feet of us that I know of no human being able to throw it that far," the man said. "There was one about 10-foot-tall. A family group drew in close, three of which got within 15 feet of me. It looked like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie, not human as I know it."

The man showed his images to the folks at the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. They said the photos convinced them to return to the area to see if they could spot the creature, or creatures lumbering about in East Texas.

But wildlife experts were quick to diminish the Dallas man's Texas-sized claims.

"I've heard tales of bigfoot all my life," Texas Department of Agriculture agent Hugh Soape said. "I'd be hard pressed to say there's really a basis to it. There's a lot of physical evidence that should be available that I don't see."

Where is Bigfoot's DNA, blood sample or other specimen like hair? Soape asked.

But if the man's claims are true, they would add to mounting evidence that Bigfoot is a jerk.

Earlier this week, a hunter swore that Bigfoot trashed his RV.

"While we were in the camper, I seen something walk by the window, not just walk by but kind of duck down like it was trying to duck under the window, like he didn't want to see us," John Reed said. "I thought maybe one of my friends was messing with me until I realized the window was six-foot high. What I seen was the back of something's head, which was covered in hair."

The Legend of Bigfoot Continues