Sasquatch Sighting? DOT Says Traffic Cam Caught A Bigfoot... Maybe

The image was captured at Sherman Pass, in a remote part of Washington.

There’s been a possible Bigfoot sighting in a very unlikely place.

The Washington State Department of Transportation posted a curious image of what appears to be a person or Sasquatch or just something with a vaguely humanoid shape off a highway at Sherman Pass, in the state’s remote northeastern corner:

The department’s plows stopped by the area. But if Bigfoot had been there, he ― or she ― had bugged out by the time the crews arrived: 

At first glance, it looked like the Sasquatch may be explained as simply a combination of a tree and a trick of the light. Indeed, this screenshot from earlier in the month also showed something vaguely S’quatch-shaped in the same spot:

Older screenshots, however, don’t seem to reveal anything suspicious at the location. The department promised there would be more to the story in the future: 

In other words, the truth is out there, but you gotta wait a few weeks.  

In the meantime, whoever’s running the department’s Twitter for the highway at Snoqualmie Pass, in the northwestern part of the state not far from Seattle, shared footage of a person walking through the snow.

Or was it?



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