Bigfoot VIDEO: Legendary Creature On Camera In Spokane, Washington? (POLL)

A Spokane, Washington woman claims to have accidentally caught Bigfoot on camera while hiking in the woods.

You can see the alleged Bigfoot video for yourself, below. As always, the shot is a bit grainy. The footage was captured on an iPhone at Downriver Park along the Spokane river, according to KXLY.com.

But is it real?

The original source claims that the hikers didn't even realize they had come across the beast until they returned home to look at their footage. According to the YouTube posting they were shocked to see what they did.

But whether or not this is an elaborate hoax, a case of mistaken identity, or the real thing is unclear.

Take a minute to watch the video and cast your vote.

Exactly when this video was taken is unknown, but a similar sighting occurred in Colorado late last week, according to ABC 7. In March, a North Carolina man also claimed to have caught a 'Knobby' bigfoot creature on camera as well.


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