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The Search For Bigfoot: Is Bigfoot Real?

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Welcome to the Cryptid World! The sights, sounds and even smells are so different from the modern world we know so well, yet the Cryptid world is sure to offer excitement and challenge to all who dare to cross the threshold. Whilst the Cryptid world is more often times than not separated from the 21st century by literally thousands of years, at other times it is virtually on our doorstep!

When I was visiting Los Angeles a couple of years ago, I was fascinated to hear about the La Brea Tar Pits. This famous Cryptid graveyard is but a few meters from where literally thousands of Los Angelenos pass by on the Magic Mile. One of the fastest-moving strips on the planet. Two worlds collide in this energy field. The La Brea tar pits is where thousands of Cryptids drew their last breath only to be consumed by a black, gooey graveyard. Then in the 20th century these same reasonably well-preserved Cryptids were once again hauled back to solid ground only to find themselves being gazed at by throngs of incredulous onlookers in Museums throughout North America. Animal Planet's recreation of the "Savage Garden" that was one time modern Los Angeles is quite stupendous. Imagine, the Los Angeles Basin even had its own resident Pleisaeurs!

I can still sense the air of excitment I experienced as a child when my mother mentioned the Yeti in the Himalayas or the Los Ness Monster in Scotland. Occasionally, even the Yowie or Bigfoot got a passing mention. All these creatures fired my imagination with the 'what if' factor. Were they real or just a figment of vivid imagination? As I grew older, I learned my own fascination for Cryptids was shared by millions of other people. The old King Kong movies always had a cult following. Jurassic Park proved to be one of the most successful and popular movies of all time.Yet, despite all the amazing cryptids of the Jurassic/Creataceous ages, the 'jewel in the crown' is Bigfoot. Bigfoot predates modern man and his origins go so far back in the mist of time that in reality they can still only be guessed at. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to see the YouTube video "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science" will be left with little doubt as to the compelling physical evidence that this truly magnificent pre-historic being has survived into the 21st century. Bigfoot lives in our global village, sometimes not that far away. The fact that Bigfoot has been so adept at eluding capture testifes to a superior intelligence. He has an innate sense of danger and uses his astonishing physical prowess to escape capture in the nick of time.

Well then, who or what is Bigfoot? The word "being" to describe Bigfoot was recently confirmed by a group of scientists who described the existence of a novel hominid hybrid in North America commonly called Sasquatch. Likewise, Rex Gilroy, popularly known as the "Yowie Man" in Australia believes that the Australian Yowie and the North American Sasquatch are related and of the same hominid origin. Rex is the director of the Yowie Research Centre in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains and was featured on Animal Planet in December 2012. According to Rex, the Australian version of Bigfoot, commonly called the Yowie predates Aboriginal settlement. Aboriginal Dreamtime Legend speaks about these gigantic hairy hominid beings. Many Aboriginal tribes have their own indigenous name for the Yowie and there is no doubt as to Bigfoot's reality.

The Blue Mountains area of Australia with its vast areas of unexplored wilderness permits these hominids to exist with little threat from modern man. Yet, since the time of the first European settlement in Australia there have been regular reports of these beings making a brief foray out of their wilderness home to be sighted fleetingly by alarmed and terrified European settlers. Bigfoot's incredible size and astonishing physical prowess, speed of movement and superb agility caused fear and awe of these unknown creatures quite unlike anything else in the Animal Kingdom. Ever imagined what it would be like to cross over a "time-grid" and enter a parallel world peopled by Bigfoot and Cryptids?

Maybe picture yourself in a dinosaur museum when at the strike of midnight the Cryptid exhibits momentarily come back to life! Just imagine how your senses would be bombarded by sights, sounds and even smells! Turn around to find Rex, the Yowie exhibit had stepped from his podium home and is towering above you, eyes once again alive and glowering. In my newly released action-adventure, Kyle and his band of teenage friends step across the "time-grid" into another dimension parallel universeof the Jurassic/Cretaceous age. Find yourself in a massive subterranean cave system deep beneath the forest floor of the wilderness above ground to be confronted by a thrashing, angry Pleisaeur. Meet an "eternal spirit" transformed as Miss Splendour with her cryptid familiar, Thyla the Thylacene.

On the way home experience the "rawness" and uniqueness of the Australian wilderness with its myriad of native fauna. I have stood on Point Lookout at Katoomba looking through the "blue haze" towards the horizon where the endless wilderness meets the sky, I have pondered what secret worlds lay beyond. Is Bigfoot out there watching the cable car skim over the trees hundreds of meters above the ground?

Yes, indeed Bigfoot is real. It may prove to be one the major bio-ethical challenges of the 21st century for governments to recognize the existence of this truly astonishing "being" a relic from past ages yet still living in our midst.