The Biggest Accounting Scandals Of All Time (PHOTOS)


Got a creative impulse? Accounting may be the profession for you!

As you'll see from the below collection of massive book-cooking frauds, there may be no better way to express your creative side than to work as an accountant for a huge company that's ready to deftly hide assets.

Almost 10 years after the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Post-Enron reform that was supposed to end those dubious off-balance sheet liabilities, it's unclear whether or not much has actually changed. To wit, Lehman Brother's recently unearthed $50 billion deception -- using, yes, those wonderful off-balance sheet tricks -- depended on the bank eschewing U.S. accounting rules and looking to lax regulations abroad.

Despite the constant barrage of scandals, it still boggles the mind how a Fortune 500 company can manipulate its balance sheet by many, many billions of dollars. We've included some of the biggest frauds below -- check them out and vote for the worst of all time.

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