8 Biggest Career Mistakes That 20-Somethings Make

Mixed race man laying on desk
Mixed race man laying on desk

Dearest 20-somethings, we have seen the job market and we know it to be brutal.

But that doesn't mean one can simply ignore that our first work experiences have a lasting impact on the future. Dr. Meg Jay, author of "The Defining Decade" -- a book about how to make the most out of your 20s -- even estimates that as much as two-thirds of wage growth happens during the first 10 years of someone's career.

Considering that, it appears millennials could use some help with knowing what not to do as they start their careers. So without further ado, here are some very typical professional mistakes to avoid making in the early going:

You Think You Can't Make Money While Pursuing Your Passion

8 Biggest Career Mistakes Of 20-Somethings