10 Biggest Fast Food Chains In The U.S.

It's no secret that America loves fast food, but do you know just how much and just which restaurants?

Fast food chains, known in the food industry as Quick Service Restaurants or QSRs, get ranked every year by lots of different criteria. Here are your top ten, America, by both revenue generated in 2011 and number of locations, as ranked by QSR Magazine.

2011's Top 10 Fast Food Chains (By Total U.S. Sales)

Revenue isn't the only measure of success when it comes to fast food chains -- they also compete for size and reach. Here are the biggest QSRs in the U.S., by number of locations:

  1. Subway, 24,722
  2. McDonald’s, 14,098
  3. Starbucks, 10,821
  4. Pizza Hut, 7,600
  5. Burger King, 7,231
  6. Dunkin’ Donuts, 7,015
  7. Wendy’s, 6,594
  8. Dairy Queen, 6,187
  9. Taco Bell, 5,670
  10. Domino’s Pizza, 4,907