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Watch This Man Build The Biggest McDonald's Burger In The History Of McD's

Burger MANIA people.

Moshe Tamssot wanted to see if he could push McDonald's new build-your-own-burger kiosk to the limit. The kiosk concept, called "Create Your Taste," is designed to give consumers an incredible amount of choice when they order a burger or chicken sandwich to their own specifications.

Apparently, the kiosk doesn't really have a limit, as Tamssot was able to order the biggest McDonald's monstrosity we've ever seen. Behold, Tamssot's "Big Max" burger, which reportedly weighed in at an incredible 3.8 pounds:


Tamssot created the Big Max by ordering 10 each of every kind of cheese, bacon, sauce, lettuce and tomatoes one can get on a McDonald's hamburger (sadly, the machine will only let users order two patties per burger). Originally, the burger cost an astounding $890.80, but Tamssot says he found a pricing bug in the system that lowered the burger to $24.89.

According to Tamssot's Reddit AMA, he didn't think his order would make it through:

...The Manager initially refused to make the burger as ordered. Due to the pricing glitch, and then because he thought it wouldn't be a good burger. That defeated the marketing promise of 'CREATE the burger of your dreams' -- which is what I eventually did with the Big Max.

When Tamssot did create the "burger of his dreams," even McDonald's tweeted about the accomplishment:

Tamssot used a "Create Your Taste" machine in Chicago, where he lives, but the concept is being tested in over 2,000 locations in California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, Missouri and Pennsylvania. It can also be found in parts of Australia. Until McDonald's reveals the rest of the kiosk locations, the rest of us will just have to sit and wait until we can build the burger of our dreams.

The Huffington Post reached out to McDonald's for comment and will update this post accordingly upon hearing back.

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