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Nate Berkus Reveals The Biggest Mistake In Small-Space Design (VIDEO

Does size really matter? Well, when it comes to interior decorating it's definitely hard to argue that it's not a factor. After all, you just can't fit massive pieces in an itty-bitty apartment -- sometimes you can't even make it up the stairwell. But according to one of our favorite designers and the new "American Dream Builders" host, Nate Berkus, the biggest mistake you can make in small-space is not to try at all.

"And what you end up with is a lot of things that aren't really comfortable and aren't really a great scale to live comfortably and gracefully," he reveals in the video above. And his advice for avoiding this all too common pitfall? "Now, the great thing about design is that everybody has access to it at every price" so devote yourself to looking, commit to the pieces you love and go big before you go home.