The Biggest Paychecks In Finance 2009: See Who Was Paid The Most (PHOTOS)

Biggest Paychecks In Finance 2009: SEE Who Was Paid The Most (PHOTOS)

Who got the biggest pay package in finance this year? Chances are you've never heard of many of the top earners.

In a year marked by high unemployment, record foreclosures and the fallout of historic bailouts of the financial sector, bank pay became a constant concern for politicians, voters and Wall Street's army of PR reps and lobbyists.

Though much of the outrage was directed at Goldman Sachs and the riskiest of Wall Street banks, the biggest paydays went to relative unknowns. A Wall Street compensation consultant told the New York Times earlier this week that "there are probably thousands of people that are in the Millionaire Club -- or even the Ten Millionaire Club -- that have gotten no heat."

We've compiled a list of the biggest earners in finance this year, which factors in base salary and bonus pay. We've also included some high earners who aren't CEOs. Check out our list and vote for the least/most deserving below:

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