10 Biggest Sorority Schools: US News And World Report

Want to join a sorority? Then you might want to go to a college where sororities are a huge part of the campus culture.

US News and World Report recently ranked the 10 colleges with the most female students in sororities. In a shocking twist, the list is quite similar to that of the schools with the highest percentage of male students in fraternities!

On average, close to 9 percent of female undergraduate students across the country were in a sorority in fall 2011, according to sorority participation rates submitted by 945 ranked colleges and universities in a 2012 U.S. News survey. Among the 10 schools with the most female students in sororities, that average climbed to 74.5 percent.

But the sisters on those campuses only account for a small proportion of total sorority membership nationwide, as 5 of the 10 schools enrolled fewer than 1,000 students in fall 2011, and only one school, DePauw University in Indiana, had more than 2,000 undergrads.

Check out the 10 colleges with the most female students in sororities below. Then tell us, would you join a sorority?



The Biggest Sorority Colleges