A Meritless Lawsuit Against the Bike Lanes

Watching from Lalaland, the filing of a lawsuit against the Prospect Park West bike lanes makes me want to cry. What an utter waste of paper and time for the judges, clerks and lawyers involved. And this hits on the same day that the Daily News runs a piece saying New York City may soon beat out LA for worst commute crown.

Former DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall, the driving force behind the "Smear Current DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan" campaign, must be very proud.

With cities like Los Angeles and Chicago lining up to do what NY showed us how to do with bike lanes and other street and public space improvements, New Yorkers siding with the bike lane opponents would do well to step back and look at how shortsighted they are being.

Perhaps the most laughable part of the lawsuit is the allegation that the DOT Commissioner exchanged email with an editor of Streetsblog, a group that has been dogged in its pursuit of a safer, more pedestrian and bike-friendly New York. If encouraging the traditional press and blogs to write pieces supportive of what you are doing is improper then perhaps someone should speak to Weinshall, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner about using the New York Times and CBS2's Marcia Kramer to do their bidding.

Here's hoping the judge who hears this meritless lawsuit has the vision to impose considerable sanctions on the Gibson Dunn and Crutcher attorney, a donor to Chuck Schumer's (AKA Mr. Iris Weinshall's) campaign.

If I were the judge, for starters I'd take away the lawyer's SUV and ban him, Iris, Chuck and the rest of these folks who pretend to speak for New York from driving in the congested city.

Yours in transit, Joel