Bike Thief Stopped: San Francisco Woman Takes Down Would-Be Bicycle Villain (VIDEO)

WATCH: Woman Tackles Would-Be Bicycle Thief

Other than getting hit by a car, the biggest fear for the urban cyclist may be getting their bike stolen.

Luckily, as this viral video shows, at least one fortunate bike owner is riding off on their faithful two-wheeler, thanks to a speed burst from one woman at a San Francisco office complex.


Watch carefully, as the thief enters the frame around 25 seconds in, only to be thwarted in his attempted getaway.

The brave, bike-saving samaritan is identified in the YouTube description as Kristen of communications firm WCG.

If only this bike thief were a little more patient and slightly better informed, he would know that bike sharing in San Francisco is just around the corner. On Tuesday, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency announced that the city will soon introduce 500 rentable bicycles to its streets, following the likes of Paris and Montreal in creating public bike rental programs.

Then again, with roughly 4 out of 5 rental bikes in Paris reported vandalized or stolen, you might be better off keeping folks like Kristen around to protect your ride.


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