Bike Bandit Sting Operation: Guy Finds His Stolen Bike On Craigslist, Sets Up Awesome Sting Operation

Anyone who has ever had a bike stolen knows the anguish of having your wheels ripped from your life. If the bike in question is a $2,500 custom racing bike, that pain is even more acute.

'Simon Jackson' (an alias) faced exactly this situation. But when he saw his stolen ride being advertised on Craigslist, he decided to launch a sting operation to bring the thief to justice and get his bike back.

'Simon' responded to the ad and his friends drove 160 miles to Seattle, WA., to meet the guy who had his bike.

As 'Simon' (aka Wheeldonkey) explained on Reddit:

We actually did call 911 before we started. Our plan was to have me stall as long as possible and ask the guy stupid questions about the bike until the cops showed up... except that after 40 minutes they still hadn't arrived. Craig was getting very nervous about my apprehension to buy the bike. I felt like I needed to end it with or without police.

A chase ensues, the police eventually arrive and bicycle justice is eventually served.

(The video above details the whole saga - if you want to skip through to the key parts, the thief confrontation starts at the 2min mark, and the cops show up at the 5min mark.)