Vigilante Biker Girl Catches Litterbugs Red-Handed, Throws Their Trash Back At Them

Littering is bad news. It's unsightly and potentially hazardous to the environment, and it's also very expensive. In the U.S., for example, clean-up costs more than $11.5 billion every year.

Yet despite these alarming factors, littering remains a problem in many cities around the world. It seems hefty fines and never-ending "keep our streets clean" campaigns just aren't enough to eradicate littering once and for all.

And that, it seems, is where this mysterious, motorcycle-riding, YouTube-starring, anti-littering vigilante comes in: a woman on a motorcycle who has embarked on a dramatic campaign to nab litterbugs -- and who's taking the Internet by storm this week.

In the video above, which begins with the words "I want to live in a clean city" in Russian, watch as the enigmatic woman chases down motorists who've been caught littering red-handed -- before promptly throwing their trash right back at them.

"You're a real life superhero," wrote one impressed YouTuber after watching the clip, which was uploaded Monday.

"This is fucking awesome," declared another.

Though many netizens have praised the biker and her anti-littering campaign, some have questioned the authenticity of the clip. "This seems really, really fake," wrote one YouTuber Tuesday.

Still, staged or not, it seems the trash-fighting warrior has certainly made her point.

"This is why I don't litter," wrote one YouTuber this week. "So the anti-litter crusaders don't exact revenge upon me."