Biker Impaled By Metal Rods -- And Lives (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

"It was a miracle," doctor says.
As gruesome as his injuries appear, this biker survived.
Hamar Singh Rajput was impaled by large iron rods when he slammed into a truck carrying the loose construction parts in Rajasthan, India, on Sunday, Rajasthan Patrika reported.
As shown in images throughout the Caters video below, (please don't watch if graphic photos upset you), the rods pierced his neck and rammed clear through his back.
According to Rajasthan Patrika, Rajput, 24, was taken, still conscious, to the hospital with the rods remaining in his body. A team of doctors removed the rods in a three-hour procedure.

One of the surgeons, Dr.Manish Chhaparwal, said, per the Mirror: "It was a miracle that the rods had not cut through any major blood vessels. All the vital parts remained untouched despite such a huge crash impact."

Rajput is now recovering at home, outlets note. Here's more video of Rajput:

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