Biker Scoops Up Burned Kitty On Road Trip, Drives Him To Safety

Rev your engines for Party Cat!

This biker’s sidekick is one cool cat -- literally.

While on a cross-country motorcycle trip, Pat Doody found a badly burned kitten at a Nevada gas station, scooped the little guy up, and continued on his trip, later returning the cat to safety and health. 

"He is the most friendly, chill cat I have ever seen," Doody told The Huffington Post in an email. "At every rest stop he would just hang with us, never tried to run away, and generally seemed to be happy we found him."

On the road, Doody cared for the kitten -- who he has since named Party Cat -- with cans of tuna and Neosporin to heal his burns. From Nevada to the East Coast, they took plenty of selfies, archiving the adventure on Instagram. And when the pair returned to Doody’s home in New Jersey, Party Cat had his first veterinarian appointment, receiving proper care for a mild case of ear mites and shots to get him back to feeling like his cool kitty self. 

"He is doing healthy and well!" Doody told HuffPost. "Full of energy and loves to play with his new big sister, Rosie, who is a pit bull mix."

Biker buddies for life!

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