Biker-SUV Assault Leads To Seven Bikers Arrested; Police Still Searching For Two Suspects

By Murray Weiss

MANHATTAN — Detectives are hunting two more motorcyclists for the beating of a Manhattan dad who was attacked by a mob of bikers two weeks ago, DNAinfo New York has learned.

Sources told “On The Inside” that the suspects are on the lam and being hunted by an NYPD task force which has already arrested seven other bikers for assaulting Alexian Lien after chasing him, his wife and young daughter along the West Side Highway to 175th St. in Washington Heights.

A police source said these are the last two people being sought. "This will be it," he said.

One new suspect, identified by witnesses and from videotape, has a criminal record with several arrests, including for assault. He is suspected of punching and kicking Lien after the victim was pulled from his car.

“On The Inside” is withholding the suspect's name pending his arrest.

“On The Inside” reported that as many as six police officers were among the mob that was riding through Manhattan on Sept 29.

Since then, four officers have been identified. They include undercover cop Detective Wojciech Braszczok who was arrested for being part of the assault mob.

Three others are under investigation: Officer Matthew Rodriguez, who works in Internal Affairs; Detective Samir Gonsalves who works in Queens and was already under arrest for a domestic fight with a prosecutor girlfriend, and an unidentified Housing Bureau officer who had worked recently in narcotics.

DNAinfo was the first to report on their role in the biker scandal.

Officials say none of the officers took police action that day. And none immediately came forward to the department and reported they were with the biker horde. They face disciplinary action by the NYPD.

The officers belong to two motorcycle clubs. One is called Front Line Soldiers, whose president, sources say, is an NYPD officer who works in Queens and who was not riding that day.

The other is a New Rochelle biker club.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly acknowledged last Wednesday that the department was aware there were at least five officers participating in the ride.

Lien was dragged out of his car and beaten and stomped after the swarm of motorcyclists surrounded his Range Rover while he and his family were out for a drive on their second wedding anniversary.

Lien bumped the back of one of the motorcycles, angering bikers who began pounding on his SUV with their helmets and slashing his tires, police said. Lien hit the gas to get away and drove over three bikers, including one who was critically injured, police said.

Furious motorcyclists pursued his Range Rover up the Henry Hudson Parkway until they caught up with him on West 178th Street, where Lien was again surrounded and his car smashed. He was dragged to the pavement and assaulted before good Samaritans stepped in.

Video recorded on a motorcyclist’s helmet camera captured much of the action and went viral on the web.