Bikini Baristas Brewing In Denver Area (VIDEO)

WATCH: Denver Coffee House's Bikini Baristas

A new coffee shop in Aurora has raised more than a few eyebrows: at Perky Cups at Iliff and Peoria, bikini clad baristas pour your cup of joe.

Owner Jason Bernal told KDVR, "My title is CBI: Chief Bikini Inspector," and cited other bikini shops in the Pacific Northwest which have flourished. Perky Cups is the first of its kind in the Denver metro area.

Though many bikini shops in the Northwest have done well, they have also had their fair share of controversy. According to the Herald in Everett, Washington, laws have been proposed to "clarify lewd-conduct offenses by employees who are visible to the public while clad in skimpy attire such as lingerie or pasties." Some officials in the area want to push the coffee shops to designated "adult-entertainment zones."

Washington's baristas may be a little more extreme than Denver's. In September, five baristas in Everett were facing prostitution charges.

Regardless of controversy, there should be no shortage of tips or refills:

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