'Bikini Baristas' Are Real, And They're Not Going Anywhere

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In a state known for top-notch coffee, it takes a lot to stand out ... or maybe it only takes a little.

Washington State's drive-through coffee stands are pretty plentiful, and they've been around for a while. Butt But the big buzz, according to the video above from Zagat, surrounds bikini baristas who brew espresso while scantily clad in outfits ranging from tasteful bathing suits to a few strategically placed stickers:

The proliferation of such coffee spots has once again caused conversation to percolate around whether half-clothed servers are okay for kids -- and customers in general -- to see. One Spokane city councilman has been trying to pass regulations concerning the businesses for years, as the video details.

But let's get to the point: Do they make good coffee?

One Yelp user says she'd "definitely recommend" Smokin' Hot Espresso, where mochas come with side of midriff:

And a Foursquare visitor reports "the spiced chai is delicious" at Banana Hammock Espresso, the state's only all-male bikini barista stand according to Zagat:

The debate over bikini baristas continues to brew among locals. But served with clothing or not, we're always up for a healthy cup of joe.

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