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Swimwear On Sale (PHOTOS)

Some women consider swimwear to be an investment that they renew each summer season. It makes sense: For the amount of times that you don that bathing suit, you should spend the money on something high-quality that will withstand the ocean, the chlorine and the washing machine.

But we don't ascribe to that school of thought. Rather, we like to wear the same suit year after year, because, as the saying goes: "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" Sadly, time has taken its toll on our summer staple, so we are on the hunt for something new. We're in luck: Everything is on sale because we're pretty far into swimsuit season. Snag a suit at slashed prices, and then wear the hell out of it for August and September.

Here, 10 bathing suits -- for all shapes and sizes -- on sale.

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Swim On Sale