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Bikini Wax At Home? I Lived To Tell The Tale

When I was in my twenties and living in New York, "Sex And The City" was my bible. So when Carrie got a Brazilian wax, I figured it was time to check out this new phenomenon. $70 and a few yogi-like positions later, I had very bare results. I kept it up for a few months, but eventually the cost and the time that it took to get to the salon took their toll. To be honest, the pain was so bad that I needed a leather strip to bite down on (I know, I'm a baby) and making small talk with my lovely aesthetician while she got to know me more intimately than my OB/GYN was just about enough.

Since then I have dealt with matters on my own -- no need to run to the salon when the pink Bic gets the job done nicely. But with bikini season looming ahead, I've started considering waxing again. Somehow I got the idea in my head that waxing at home would be less painful. My theory was that if I could pull the skin tight enough (and drink enough wine beforehand), it wouldn't hurt as badly.

I convinced my sister that it was a good idea, and she agreed to try it with me. Armed with an at-home waxing kit from my local drugstore, we were ready to roll. So, after copious amounts of red wine on a recent night, we headed to the bathroom to give it a go.

There isn't enough alcohol in the world to numb me from that kind of pain. One strip ripped off and the memories of sweating and swearing in the salon were brought rushing back. Thankfully, my sister and I were inebriated enough to laugh through the pain, so we kept going. Strip after strip, I kept attacking my poor pelvic area, and still, there were a few survivors that refused to let go. My sister had better results than I did and said she would do it again. I, on the other hand, could barely sit down the next day.

The lesson I learned is this: I am a wuss when it comes to pain, especially in that area. If I am going to endure that sort of hardship, I'd like to be in a nice salon with soothing music and a professional to woo me with her Zsa Zsa-like accent. Otherwise, I'll stick with my Bic, thank you very much.

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