Bill And Melinda Gates -- Can Couples In Bed And Business Together Have It All?

Can their businesses and relationship survive the work/live existence?
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It all depends on who you ask.

For Bill and Melinda, it seems to be working. They blissfully serve as Co-Chairs for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But what about the rest of the couples out there that work together? Can their businesses and relationship survive the work/live existence?

Let's face it, added to the usual challenges that business owners already deal with, there is the additional complexity of running a business with their "life partner." Couples that work together offer a unique team with shared goals, dreams and ideals. They aspire to create a meaningful and lucrative business together. However, they may find themselves experiencing tension in and out of the workplace over issues such as boundaries, conflicts, roles and responsibilities, equity, balancing personal needs, as well as time and financial pressures. If these issues are ignored or addressed in an unproductive way, it can obstruct business decisions and ultimately compromise the success of the business and relationship.

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