Bill And Ted Headed For Excellent DVD Adventure

MGM is developing a straight-to-DVD revisiting of the late-'80s cult classic "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" for producer Frank Mancuso Jr. at 360 Pictures. Although their deal is still being worked out, writers Gabe Grifoni and Suzanne Francis ("Wieners") have already turned in an outline for an updated take on San Dimas' most excellent native sons.
Several attempts at a spinoff TV series in the early '90s, one animated and one live action, misread the boys' appeal -- no matter what your memory tells you, they weren't actually stoners, surfers or Valley dudes -- and sparked cries of betrayal from devoted fans who felt that the sensibility of the original films' writers, Ed Solomon ("Levity") and Chris Matheson ("Mr. Wrong"), had been corrupted.

While in UCLA's film school 20 years ago, Solomon and Matheson would rent a stage on Sunset Boulevard for $20 and crack each other up by improvising the two lovable doofuses. The two "Bill & Ted" films -- the sequel was "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" in 1991 -- then became their first feature credits.

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