Donald Trump Had Some Cheeky Comments About Bill Barr's Jowls

"You’re lucky because your face, I mean your cheeks — they’re filled out. They look smooth and young," the former president reportedly told his AG.

Former Attorney General William Barr has plenty of harsh things to say about former President Donald Trump in his new memoir ― especially about the lack of evidence for Trump’s election fraud claims ― but there are some cheekier comments as well. Literally.

One particular anecdote in Barr’s new book, “One Damn Thing After Another: Memoirs of an Attorney General,” actually concerns the Trump official’s jowls.

Barr said he once had an “amusing conversation” with Trump about his weight after he made a self-deprecating jokes about his “jowliness” on television.

Trump then praised Barr’s fleshy cheeks and told him not to lose weight, according to an excerpt first reported by RawStory.

“You’re fine, you’re fine. Yeah, you’re big. But you carry it well,” Barr says the president told him. “Whatever you do, don’t lose too much weight. Because then your face is going to sag.”

“You’re lucky because your face, I mean your cheeks — they’re filled out,” Trump continued, according to Barr. “They look smooth and young. But I guarantee you, if you lose a lot of weight, you’ll look old and saggy.”

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