Bill Belichick Throws Challenge Flag Like A Petulant Child Toward Ref's Face

The Patriots coach has seen better days and now he's taking it out on the challenge flag.

Bill Belichick threw a challenge flag toward a ref Sunday like a 5-year-old throwing a hissy after being denied candy. (Watch the video below.)

The New England Patriots coach disagreed with the ball placement after running back Rhamondre Stevenson had apparently reached a first down in the third quarter but was ruled short.

Check out the bratty contempt as Belichick slams the flag down in front of the kneeling referee’s face, prompting guffaws and jokes from NBC announcers Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth.

“That’s beautiful,” Tirico said. “Shaq would have been proud of that dunk,” Collinsworth chimed in.

The coach’s appeal was rejected after a replay review and the Patriots eventually lost to Miami, 24-17, to fall to 0-2. But the moment scored as a meme.

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