Bill Bolling: E.W. Jackson's Remarks 'Are Simply Not Appropriate'

Add one of Virginia's most prominent Republicans to the list of names miffed by GOP lieutenant governor candidate E.W. Jackson's past.

Politico reports that current Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling (R) spoke out against Jackson's history of questionable remarks on Monday, calling them "simply indefensible."

After Jackson was nominated on Saturday to run alongside Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, a line of controversial comments from his past were reinvigorated. The lines under scrutiny ranged from comparing Planned Parenthood to the Ku Klux Klan, to charging that President Barack Obama has a "Muslim perspective" on the world.

“These kinds of comments are simply not appropriate, especially not from someone who wants to be a standard bearer for our party and hold the second highest elected office in our state,” Bolling told Politico.

Bolling is not alone among GOP voices doubting the addition of Jackson to the gubernatorial-race picture. The Washington Post reported on Monday that some Virginia Republicans are on edge. One strategist told the paper "We're in a deep [expletive]," while another GOP source expressed concern that Democrats would be more mobilized to head to the polls.

HuffPost Pollster's latest compilation of 14 different polls finds Cuccinelli and Democratic foe Terry McAuliffe in a neck-and-neck picture. As of four days ago, Cuccinelli was holding a 43.4 percent to 40.6 percent edge over McAuliffe.



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