Bill Brady Leads Pat Quinn In Another New Poll Of Illinois Governor's Race

In another piece of ugly polling for Illinois Democrats, a new Rasmussen survey released Thursday gives Republican Bill Brady a significant lead in the governor's race.

According to the poll, Brady is leading incumbent Democratic governor Pat Quinn by a margin of 45-38. This corresponds closely to yesterday's Public Policy Polling numbers, which showed the challenger with a 10-point lead.

Again, Gov. Quinn's favorability numbers were dismally low: only 13 percent of respondents described their opinion of the governor as "very favorable," while 28 percent called it "very unfavorable." When asked about his performance as governor, a mere nine percent strongly approve of the job he's done, while 33 percent strongly disapprove.

His opponent, Bill Brady, was viewed very favorably by 19 percent of respondents; 15 percent viewed him very unfavorably. But an equally large group, 18 percent of those polled, said they didn't know enough about him to form an opinion.

There were a couple of tiny bright spots for the Democrats in the polling. One had to do with Illinoisans' opinions on health care reform:

Indicative of the state's political leanings is the decision by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan not to join with more than 14 other states in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a provision in the newly passed federal health care plan. Quinn agrees with Madigan's decision not to sue the government over the requirement that every American buy or obtain health insurance.

Just 40% of Illinois voters think the state should sue the federal government, while 47% oppose the idea.

Nationally, 49% of voters favor their states suing the federal government over that requirement in the health care plan. Thirty-seven percent (37%) oppose such a suit.

The other piece of somewhat good news: slightly more Illinoisans think the economy is getting better (36 percent) than getting worse (33 percent).

Otherwise, though, this poll -- especially in tandem with yesterday's poll of this same race and the recent poll of the Senate race -- seems to bode well for Republicans' chances to win at the top of the Illinois ballot in November.