Bill Burnham Donates 65th Gallon Of Blood To Colorado's Bonfils Blood Center

Bill Burnham has blood on his hands. And a lot in his veins, apparently. The Aurora, Colorado, resident just made his 520th blood donation. As a Bonfils Blood Center press release points out, that's the equivalent of 65 gallons of donated blood and plasma.

A KDVR report acknowledges Burnham has faithfully donated since 1984 and estimates he has saved the lives of over 1,500 people.

Another Denver-area resident, Bruce Trautmann, is hot on Burnham's heals. The 66-year-old reached his 50-gallon mark in 2008. As a Your Hub contributor reports, Trautmann will soon reach his 480th donation -- equal to 60 gallons.

Bonfils Blood Center encourages those interested in donating to call 303.363.2300 or 800.365.0006 (option 2) to make an appointment to donate. Alternatively, donations can be scheduled online.

WATCH Dr. Khanna explain how and why to donate blood: