Bill Burr Defends His 'Star Wars' Character's Boston Accent

The "Mandalorian" star has a wicked comeback for critics.

Luke Skywalker may have wanted to hang out at Tosche Station, but Bill Burr’s character is more of a Dunkin’ kind of guy.

Ever since the comedian debuted in “The Mandalorian” as former Imperial sharpshooter Mayfeld, fans have been preoccupied about one peculiar thing: Why does Burr have a Boston accent in “Star Wars”?

Mayfeld’s return in Season 2 of the show reignited the conversation, and on Monday’s “Tonight Show,” Burr addressed his accent critics.

The comedian, who grew up outside of Boston, said it was hilarious that fans cared so much about someone having the accent in space.

“Oh, yeah? What about English? Isn’t that a little weird if you went to a galaxy far, far away and you get off and somebody’s like, ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ and you totally understand him?” he said.

Burr also pointed out how Han Solo speaks English but can just understand Chewbacca’s language, and C-3PO has an English accent like “the guy’s been knighted.”

“F those nerdy, nitpicking nerds,” Burr joked.

For what it’s worth, the “Star Wars” galaxy contains all kinds of characters who speak in all different ways. It’s just while some like blue milk, others clearly prefer a Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale.