Bill Burr Slams Bill Maher Over Cease-Fire Stance: ‘Why Am I F**king Listening To You?’

The friendly comics sparred when Burr, who said he’s “on the side of the kids” when it comes to the Israel-Gaza conflict, mocked Maher on his own show.

Bill Burr isn’t impressed by Bill Maher’s vehement stance against ongoing college protests.

The seasoned standup appeared Sunday on Maher’s “Club Random” podcast when Maher, who uses his weekly HBO platform to mock calls for a cease-fire in the Israel-Gaza conflict, claimed students are “demonstrating for Hamas” — and asked if Burr was on the same side.

“I’m on the side of the kids,” he told Maher, who said that “no one wants to see kids dead.”

The conversation grew increasingly heated when Burr congratulated him on that “brave” perspective, as Maher replied with the utmost sincerity in claiming that he actually is “the one” who’s “brave on this” subject — and Burr advised him to “pat yourself on the back.”

The two comics spoke for more than an hour and a half and, while they disagreed on plenty of subjects, kept it respectful throughout. Burr is famous for keeping people in check, however, and did just that after Maher claimed Israel has “hard-nosed decisions” to make.

“Oh, stop talking like you’re a general,” he told the “Real Time With Bill Maher” host.

Israel expanded its military offensive in Gaza over the weekend as the United Nations warned that a full-scale invasion of Rafah, a city currently serving as the only refuge for tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians, would cripple humanitarian operations in the region.

The decades-long conflict erupted anew on Oct. 7 when Hamas killed 1,200 Israelis and abducted around 200 others. Israel’s ongoing bombing has reportedly killed more than 35,000 Palestinians since, most of them women and children, spurring global outcry.

Burr (left) and Maher have appeared on each other's shows several times since 2015.
Burr (left) and Maher have appeared on each other's shows several times since 2015.
Left: Greg Doherty/Getty Images; Right: Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic/Getty Images

“They’re the only country in the world that, they get attacked, and then as soon as they counter-attack, it’s like, ‘Well we gotta stop this shit now,’” Maher told Burr, adding: “There’s a very simple solution to all this problem in the Middle East: Stop attacking Israel.”

“You solved it,” joked Burr. “You just solved it. There you go, that’s fantastic. Alright let’s go to Russia and the Ukraine, how do you solve that one, Bill? Let me hear your hard-nosed decision about that … You just solved the Middle East on a podcast — why can’t they?”

Ongoing student protests for a cease-fire have spread to campuses across the globe since April. Several colleges have suspended or expelled students, thousands of whom have been arrested for participating, which 185 human rights groups have denounced.

When told this subject “is not your thing” and is “my thing” by Maher, Burr couldn’t help it.

“It’s not your thing,” he replied. “It isn’t your thing, it isn’t. You’re like that guy that has a fantasy football team and thinks he’s a fucking GM [general manager]. That’s exactly what it is. Like, why am I fucking listening to you like you’ve done something?”

“What have you done in Washington?” Burr continued. “Nothing.”

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