The Bill Clinton Twitter Ban That Wasn't (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Yahoo clarifies that Clinton did not intend to stop attendees from posting updates during his speech.

Yahoo writes of the mix-up,

A Clinton spokesperson explained to The Cutline that the event host and PR company were told that the speech would be closed press, and they took that to mean that attendees were prohibited from tweeting, live-blogging or posting on social media sites.
However, that's not the case. Although the event remains technically closed for traditional media, attendees will not be stopped from using devices for tweeting, live-blogging, posting on social media sites (or maybe just texting their friends).

Next month, former President Bill Clinton will deliver the keynote address at the annual Dreamforce Global Gathering conference in San Francisco. While this would normally be exciting news for the blogging community, a recent memo circulated by the event's PR firm, The Outcast Agency, has put a damper on the buzz surrounding the event.

ReadWriteWeb reports that Outcast is requesting a moratorium on liveblogging during Clinton's speech.

Outcast's memo, which ReadWriteWeb published, reads as follows:

PLEASE NOTE: President Clinton's representatives have mandated that there be absolutely no reporting during his session. That includes live blogging, Tweeting, Facebook posting or use of any other social media. We understand the inconvenience this may present, but greatly appreciate your compliance. Thank you.

There was no explanation attached, according to ReadWriteWeb, who notes that this request is the first of its kind.