Bill Clinton, Before He Was Famous

We're five days out from the most important presidential election in recent memory and it's been a tough week for Hillary Clinton. However, scandals are nothing new for the Clinton family, especially when it comes to Bill Clinton.

But if you only know the scandal, chances are good you don't know the real Bill Clinton. Clinton grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He studied law at Yale and met Hillary Clinton. He was a law professor for years before taking a run at politics. He was no stranger to controversy during this time but it didn't matter. Bill's legacy was raising taxes for the top 1 percent of Americans and establishing several new regimes of free trade.

The video above from Michael McCrudden shows how the small-town Arkansas boy became the lovely old Grandpa campaigning for his wife, Hillary Clinton, to be the 45th president of the United States. Despite a past riddled with sex scandals, Bill has proved to be an incredible political figure who's not afraid to change the world.