8 GIFs That Show Why Bill Clinton Is So Good At Being Bill Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton was born 67 years ago today, in Hope, Ark. He would eventually rise through the ranks of Arkansas politics, becoming the state's attorney general before serving two terms as governor. In 1992, he was elected 42nd president of the United States, and two terms and 21 years later, Clinton has become more than just a president. Below, check out 8 GIFs that show why Bill Clinton is so good at being Bill Clinton:

He isn't afraid to get awkwardly enthusiastic during a speech:

bill clinton gif

He enjoys a good Lady Gaga performance:

bill clinton lady gaga

He knows when to give a sensual bro-hug:

bill clinton barack obama

The saxophone:

bill clinton saxophone

He keeps his composure even in the most embarrassing circumstances:

 bill clinton pants

He can keep himself amused with his imagination alone:

bill clinton videogames

He has mastered the hand gesture:

bill clinton hands

He looks funny as a naked cartoon:

bill clinton family guy



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