Someone Give Bill Clinton His Own Travel Show, ASAP

This is pure local tour guide magic.

We haven’t seen Bill Clinton look this happy since he discovered balloons at the Democratic National Convention.

The former president and Hillary Clinton, along with their daughter Chelsea and their grandchildren, are currently on a week-long vacation in Quebec, Canada. The couple passed reporters in the village of North Hatley, Bill stopped to chat, and, well, it’s pretty much the stuff our travel show dreams are made out of.

“We’ve been in the place, walking in the woods,” Clinton told reporters before sharing some information about a local lake. He explained the lake is “very deep” for “most people.”

“It’s a glacier lake, so these are relatively rare,” he said. “There are only a few lakes in America as deep as this. It’s beautiful.”

But our personal favorite part of the whole exchange occurred when the reporter asked Clinton if he had plans to see former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien while in the area.

“I haven’t heard back from him, but we’re very close friends,” he said. “I’m hoping he can come and be with me around my birthday [on Saturday].”

(Let’s just hope Chrétien brings balloons.)

Then, when Hillary Clinton walked ahead of her husband into a store, an onlooker informed him she was “in there spending your money.”

“It’s her money, too,” the former president quipped. Someone give this man a show already!

Hillary Clinton, who spent time prior to the trip responding to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on Twitter, was greeted with raucous applause from a small crowd as she exited the store.

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