Bill Clinton On Hillary Clinton's Health: 'She'll Live To Be 120 And Will Have 3 More Husbands'

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Bill Clinton seems to be cozy fielding questions about his wife Hillary Clinton (perhaps one of the most speculated about women in American politics). After all, he is Bill Rodham Clinton, as Amy Poehler pointed after Clinton's appearance on the Golden Globes.

The former president spoke about Hillary's health in light of her recent hospitalization for a blod clot and the call for her to run in 2016 at his foundation's Health Matters Conference on January 15. Clinton said this was only the second time Hillary had to stay overnight at a hospital in her life.

"She's always been very, very healthy. She's still got time for three more husbands after me," Clinton says, laughing. "I think she'll live to be 120. Whenever I am stubborn in her constant quest at my self-improvement, she refers to me as her first husband."

Jokes aside, Clinton talked about the possibility of a Hillary Clinton 2016 run in relation to the realities of aging and being "consumed with the third part of their lives."

"You reach a certain point in life when every day is a gift," Clinton said. "So your calculations aren't the same as they were when [you] were younger."

The chat shed some light on the former First Couple's ever-evolving relationships with each other, Washington and aging. To hear more -- and to hear what keeps the Clintons young -- watch the video above.