Bill Clinton: I'd Be Happy If My Office Was In The White House Basement

After joking with Jon Stewart last week that "I may slit my throat" as First Husband, Bill Clinton took a much more obedient tone on ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos". Asked if he'd want an office in the West Wing, Clinton replied, "If Hillary wins, I want to do whatever she wants me to do...If they want to give it to me in the basement of the White House, I'd be happy."

Watch the video from ABC

Bill Clinton's declarations of willing demotion come after a week when Hillary was criticized for her husband's record. During Wednesday night's Democratic debate at Dartmouth College, candidate Joe Biden told the audience "There's a lot of very good things that come with all the great things that President Clinton did, but there's also a lot of the old stuff that comes back." When debate moderator Tim Russert brought up an interview in which Bill Clinton had discussed torture, Hillary replied "Well, he's not standing here right now."

Barack Obama's campaign also used Bill Clinton to attack Hillary this week. Clinton told Bloomberg Television in a recent interview that he didn't think Obama has enough experience. Obama hit back Saturday, citing comments made by Bill Clinton in 1992 that "the same old experience is not relevant. ... And you can have the right kind of experience and the wrong kind of experience." In a clear jab at Hillary, Obama said, "He's exactly right, what we need to do is put an end to the wrong kind of experience."

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