Trevor Noah Eviscerates Rumors Of Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Son

If the Clintons had a black son, they'd be parading him around for votes, "The Daily Show" host joked.

Imagine the 2016 presidential election as a giant bubble ― because that’s how most people are getting their news.

On Wednesday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah noted how everyone seems to have picked a side and is blindly defending it.

“The downside of everyone consuming news in a bubble is that you don’t the news, you get your news,” the comedian said.

Noah said focusing on news that only supports a particular worldview makes people gullible ― inclined to believe news they want to hear, even if it’s not true.

He then pointed to the never-proven story that former President Bill Clinton fathered an illegitimate biracial son 27 years ago and has been trying to hide him ever since.

“Here’s how I know the story isn’t true,” Noah said. “If the Clintons had a black son, they would not be hiding him. You best believe they’d be parading that mother f***er around North Carolina seeking the vote.”



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