Bill Clinton Swipes At Media's Hillary Coverage, And NY Times Journalists Swipe Back

Bill Clinton's criticism of the media's coverage of his wife did not go unnoticed by journalists at the New York Times.

In a Tuesday interview, Clinton complained to Fusion host Jorge Ramos about the already-stratospheric level of coverage about Hillary Clinton's possible presidential run.

"We have newspapers that have people devoted to doing nothing but covering a campaign that doesn't exist," he said. "So then they have to decide to create stories. You know, we don't need that."

Clinton did not mention which newspapers he might have been talking about, but at least one—the Times—has very publicly assigned a reporter, Amy Chozick, to cover the Clintons full time.

Chozick and her colleagues at the Times responded to the president's comments by, in effect, rejecting the premise that Hillary Clinton isn't seeking the White House: