Bill Clinton Still Won't Speak To Bill Richardson

CBS' Bob Schieffer, talking about the historic nature of this Democrat National Convention to African-Americans on the Imus in the Morning Show, relayed an interesting tidbit about Bill Richardson and his former boss, Bill Clinton. You will recall that the 42nd President -- via surrogate James Carville -- let his feelings be known about Bill Richardson's endorsement of Barack Obama as well as the former Ambassador's releasing of his Iowa delegates to Obama, helping fuel his upset victory in the Hawkeye State over Clinton and John Edwards. The Clintonites viewed it as a betrayal of Biblical lengths, as Bill himself had been lobbying hard to get the New Mexico Governor's imprimatur (They watched this year's Superbowl together). Bill Richardson, the Clintonistas felt, owed Bill Clinton a lot considering his rapid career ascent in the Clinton administration.

Richardson's speech was cut from last night's Convention broadcast. Schieffer, who saw him last night afterwards said the Governor told him that he and Senator Clinton are "fine." Richardson recently hosted a fundraiser for Hillary to retire her remaining campaign debt. But Bill Clinton, Richardson added, still won't speak to the former Commerce Secretary.

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