Bill Clinton Gets Twitter Lessons From Stephen Colbert (VIDEO)

WATCH: Tweeter-In-Chief?

Earlier this month, Stephen Colbert set up President Bill Clinton on Twitter, under the moniker @PrezBillyJeff. Last night, the former U.S. president appeared via satellite on "The Colbert Report" to learn more about the online social networking platform, and to set a few things straight.

"I kind of wish you'd picked something a tad more dignified. @BillClinton, for instance," Clinton told Colbert, after Colbert baited him into an appearance by faux-scolding him for missing his "Game of Thrones" party.

And with that, @PrezBillyJeff transformed into @BillClinton:

How's that for "the Colbert bump"? Check out the clip above to watch Colbert banter with Clinton.

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