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Bill Clinton Wedding Crasher: Former President Crashes Irish Wedding

Sorry LeBron, your wedding crasher moves have just been one-upped.

LeBron James may command the competition on the basketball court, but he's never been the actual Commander-in-Chief like Bill Clinton, the latest celeb to crash a wedding, has.

The Irish Independent reports that the former U.S. president was visiting Ireland last Friday for the Irish-American Philanthropy group when he stayed at the resort where Pat Howard and Kelly Seamans were tying the knot.

Clinton spotted the wedding party and began talking with the couple, even offering to take a photo.

"I thanked him for all he did for the Peace Process and for being such a friend of Ireland," Howard, who was bewildered by the president's appearance, told the Independent.

While Clinton and James are the latest celebrity wedding crashers, many others have perfected the art of dropping in on "regular" folks' nuptials. Click through the slideshow to see more stars who have made surprise appearances at weddings.

Celebrity Wedding Crashers

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