How Bill Clinton Got Tricked By The White House Kitchen

How Bill Clinton Got Tricked By The White House Kitchen

One of the Clinton administration's greatest deceptions may have actually been taking place in the White House kitchen, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

It's a fairly well-known fact that former President Bill Clinton has adhered to a plant-based diet for several years now. But while in the White House, the President was an avid junk food lover, challenging former White House executive chef Marti Mongiello to hide nutritional ingredients in the Clintons' meals.

“I figured it best not to tell him about it. I still have never fully told him the truth,” Mongiello wrote in a Facebook post to Dean Ornish, a Clinton-era diet consultant.

The Washington Post contacted Mongiello to follow up on the admission, and learned that the White House culinary staff often successfully fooled Clinton and his family.

Mongiello recalled an instance in which former First Lady Hillary Clinton called him in to scold him for serving a high-fat meal, when he'd actually used low-fat substitutes.

“She said ‘Look, there’s cream, there’s cheese — these things are illegal.’ And I just explained how I made it," he said.

For more, check out the Washington Post's full report.

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