Bill Cosby Donated To The Clinton Foundation

Bill Cosby Donated To The Clinton Foundation

WASHINGTON -- The entertainer Bill Cosby made a contribution to the Clinton Foundation, according to a database of the foundation’s donors created by The Washington Post.

Cosby contributed between $1,001 and $5,000. The Clinton Foundation, which funds charitable work around the world, hasn't released the exact amounts or dates of donations. The foundation confirmed that the William H. Cosby listed among its donors is Bill Cosby.

A list of the Clinton Foundation’s donors has been available on its website, but it is not searchable by name.

The Clinton Foundation, founded in 2001 by former President Bill Clinton, had raised nearly $2 billion through last year from a network that includes corporate titans, political donors and foreign governments, according to The Washington Post. Hillary Clinton, who is running for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, went to work for the foundation after stepping down as secretary of state in 2013.

Cosby, 77, once a beloved comedian and actor, has been dogged by sexual abuse allegations made by more than three dozen women. He has denied the accusations.

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