Bill Cosby Slams Trump, Stuns Meredith Vieira Into Silence (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bill Cosby Slams Trump, Stuns Meredith Vieira

Bill Cosby stunned Meredith Vieira into silence when he criticized Donald Trump on Thursday's "Today" show.

Cosby was on the show to discuss education, but his segment was following Vieira's interview with Trump about his presidential aspirations. Besides the buckets of controversy Trump has caused with his descent into birtherism, he has also been very cagey about his presidential aspirations. This clearly rankled Cosby, and when Vieira happened to mention Trump's name, he cut in.

"Oh please with Donald Trump," he said. "Take him home with you."

"Now why do you say that?" Vieira said. "Because he's full of it," Cosby responded. There was at least a three-second silence--an eternity in television. Then, Vieira softly asked, "based on what?"

"Based on what I just heard," Cosby said, castigating Trump for not announcing his intentions. "You run, or shut up...but the only thing he's running is his mouth."

"Well, on that note, Bill Cosby..we'll see if he runs," Vieira said, somewhat awkwardly. "I don't care!" Cosby said.

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