'South Park' Goes There With Bill Cosby & Taylor Swift Duet

Too soon?

On Tuesday, the new "South Park" promo was released saying Bill Cosby would be featured with Taylor Swift on the show's holiday special, and everyone let out an uncomfortable but anticipatory, "Uh oh."

Well, here's the full clip that aired during the show's "Washington Redskins Go F**k Yourself Holiday Special" on Wednesday. In it, Cosby hands Swift a glass of wine as they sit on the couch to sing an alternate version of the classic duet, "Baby It's Cold Outside."

Before you get upset, this is "South Park" after all. Once again, they have given us one of those funny moments where you immediately regret laughing. And then continue laughing because it's so uncomfortable. You win again, "South Park."

"South Park" airs Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.



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