Fox News Guest Bill Cunningham: Parents Should 'Beat' Their Children (VIDEO)

Fox News Guest: Parents Should Beat Their Children

Fox News guest Bill Cunningham condoned beating as an appropriate form of punishment for kids on Sean Hannity's show on Tuesday.

Hannity touched a parenting hot potato when he asked how far was too far when it comes to disciplining kids. While his other guest, New York prosecutor Anna Sigga Nicolazzi, erred against corporal punishment, conservative radio host Bill Cunningham was in favor of it.

In fact, he urged parents, "I say beat kids appropriately and with love."

Cunningham, a frequent guest on "Hannity," blasted the state's protections for interfering with parents' ability to discipline their kids. He argued, "Because the state is so involved in this, it is one of the reasons, of many, why children today are out of control."

While Nicolazzi insisted on looking at the degree of abuse, both Cunningham and Hannity appeared skeptical of arresting parents for administering punishments that they said they both received as kids.

Cunningham, who said that his mother made him eat soap and hit him with a ping pong paddle, outright dismissed the possibility of wrongdoing. Cunningham said, "You got enough tough cases without making criminal bad parenting."


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