Prime Minister Of New Zealand Puts Canned Spaghetti On Pizza, Upsetting World

He's really pushing the envelope.

The world was shaken when the president of Iceland took a strong stance on the validity of pineapple as a pizza topping. But that pizza position was not as bold as the one Bill English, prime minister of New Zealand, took when he posted a photo of his homemade pie on Facebook Monday.


The man makes homemade pizza and uses canned spaghetti on his pizza, in a move that appears to use the pasta as sauce. Oh, and he tops it off with pineapple, too. (Shhh, don’t tell Iceland.)

As you might imagine, the people of New Zealand had feelings about their prime minister’s cooking decisions. His Facebook post got over 2,000 comments, ranging from folks who are in complete support ― like follower Dan Robinson, who says, “I don’t support your policies (Vote Green bois) but spaghetti on pizza is something I can get behind” ― to completely offended.

Facebook follower Liam Stretch commented, “I might vote Labour now Bill. This is like shitting on Italy.”

Upset sprawled across the ocean. The Guardian even went so far as to recreate the pizza and review it. (They decided that it tasted just fine.) And English stood up for his choice. “You get those proper pizzas, they’re not always satisfying because they don’t always have enough stuff on them,” he told MoreFM.

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