Bill Gates On Whether He's The Happiest Man On The Planet

Bill Gates, creator of The Gates Foundation and chairman of Microsoft, reflected on his own happiness during an interview with Arianna on HuffPost Live at Davos on Saturday.

When asked if he's the happiest man on the planet, Gates chose to describe himself in a different way.

"I think I am the luckiest man," Gates said. "I love my work, I've had two amazing careers, I've got an amazing family."

Gates also shared his secret to mindfulness, saying he makes sure to put time for himself in his schedule.

"When you're CEO of a fast-moving company, to get a block of time, you've really got to be serious about that," Gates said, noting he used to take up to two weeks a year for himself while at Microsoft.

"Now I do it a couple days at a time," Gates said.

Watch Gates' interview above and see more from Davos below: